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Skylah Ginette is a feral mountain fairy, raised in the wilds of B.C. She spent a lot of time talking to herself when she was growing up, playing with words while the world whirled around her. Skylah decided to risk life as a starving artist, determined to make a living by loving in poetry. As she found herself distributing poetry at random throughout her hometown and travels, she began to call herself The Poetry Elf. This magical character enchants everyone with her writing and performance art.

With further development, The Poetry Elf has emerged as a distinct performance character, embodying a seductive and whimsical nature. This is the persona that is most often seen on stage for special events, while more serious or general event bookings still feature the professional services of Skylah Ginette.

Skylah has been an active participant in the Kelowna poetry slam community, and has just released her first book, Messages for a Goddess Rising, now available through direct order (skylah.sheppard@hotmail.com). She is also the founder of The Poetry Burlesque, an event which she organises, hosts and performs in.