Poetic expression captured with video imagery can create an enhanced experience for viewers, allowing for further development of artistic concept. Skylah has had the pleasure of working with some talented content creators, and is always seeking ways to expand her expression! If you are interested to collaborate on a project please contact her at

Video interviews are also a great way to explore concepts of interest. Skylah has enjoyed the opportunity to talk about The Poetry Burlesque on camera with Kelowna Now, and would be excited to speak in other interviews as well! If interested to invite her for any sort of interview, podcast or speaking opportunity, please email at

Witch. Collaboration between The Poetry Elf and Julie Austin (assistant at Sean Pierre Pham- Media Art )

The Poetry Elf performs “Baba Yaga’s Yoni” at The Poetry Burlesque, February 2019.

Interview with Kelowna Now about The Poetry Burlesque.

Festival Performance promo video.